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Affordable Trademark Registration Services

Patent Registration

Our services consist of a few elements which caters a wide range of needs and requirements by the clients in conjunction with the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office guidelines.

  • We conduct a patent novelty search.
  • Patent and non patent search to cross reference with the available database provided by MyIPO
  • Drafting of patent specification.
  • Record keeping and maintenance of application.
  • Patent advisory, query raised by MyIPO and objection raised by third party.
Trademark Registration
Trademark / Industrial Design

  • Trademark and industrial design search.
  • Industrial Design Novelty Registration
  • Trademark Registration based in MyIPO required legislation
  • Professional advice and assistance in trademark and ID dispute issues.
  • Record keeping, maintenance of application and notification of license expiration
  • Clients representer during court hearing or appeal if requested by the clients for case settlement.
Legal Services
Legal Advisory

We sought to provide professional advice on legal matters especially in corporate & commercial matters.

We are specialized in drafting and/or vetting commercial agreements/contracts to suit your business needs only at a minimal costs.

Hibah Services
Hibah Services

An acceptable Islamic inheritance solution, where it utilises the concept of Hibah with a trust feature. The key point of this service is the fact that the Donor can distribute his assets in any proportion and to any beneficiary according to the desire of his heart. The distribution of assets under Hibah Harta avoids extensive estate administration procedures and distribution of assets with minimum hassle.
Patent & Trademark Agent