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Fully establish and incorporated on the 15th of April 2013, we serves a wide range, case to case basis services with regards to all of the intellectual property aspects. Founded and spearheaded by Ms. Reen Rawaida Bt. Zuhdi, certified as a patent, trademark and an industrial design agent, we here at RZ Intellectual will have all of your intellectual property registration needs under one roof. In order to compete with the current trend of the market of our business, we provide a variety of flexible package, tailored to your needs.

Our Company Insight

As an elaboration of our services, we provide assistance to our customer in the field of trademark registry, patent write up and drafting, industrial design application preparations, application submissions and as well as record keeping for our patrons providing a full coverage to ensure that the application process is being done professionally by our experts here at RZ Intellectual Sdn Bhd. Consult with our experts about your rights, and we will educate and provide you with all the information and assistance for you to succeed in your Intellectual Property (IP) application submission..

Ever since our establishment, RZ Intellectual have already filed more than hundreds variety of cases in less than 3 years running the company, as we get a favorable feedback from our valued clientele. Mostly comes from a small and medium enterprises (SME), we also provide a third party services which has collaborated with us to help you construct your business from ground up, from logo designs, websites building and up to a complete re-branding of your business to help it known to the general public, to help it grew bigger, thriving and stronger.

We at RZ Intellectual Sdn Bhd strive for quality and excellence in our job to ensure a satisfactory result for our customers. Delegated among our experts here in RZ Intellectual we uphold our promise to handle and to protect all of your intellectual property exclusive rights to our utmost diligence from any incursions of rights.

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