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Tired of making the same mistake over and over again in filling your intellectual property application? We’re here to help you save all the manpower and time while dealing with all the potential query and dispute raised by both the Malaysian trademark examiner and from the third party opposition. It is highly advisable for you to hire a patent and trademark agent to protect your interest and to ease your way along the IP application process.

A patent is a grant of intellectual and property rights making it illegal for anyone else to create, market, sell or use your invention without your permission. In short, your idea remains in your control. So, how do you get a patent? Applying for one can be a tricky process. The assistance of someone who knows the ins and outs of the patent business can save you lots of time and, ultimately, money. That's where we get into the picture.

We at RZ Intellectual Sdn Bhd understands the rules and regulations regarding patents that most inventors probably don't even know exist. Sure, you can apply for a patent without the help of an agent, but it's risky. A mistake here and there could result in your technology and innovation land into the competitor's hands in only a couple of years. In addition, a patent agent studies all the rules that the Malaysia's Patent and Trademark Office makes and keeps up to date on any changes in those laws.

RZ Intellectual Sdn Bhd will help you fill out the necessary forms, contact the patent office, send in your application and follow up on any issues that might arise while your patent is being processed. We can help you address those items or argue against the rejections in ensuring that you intellectual property stays safe in your hands for years to come. That is our promise and our goal for our clients.

Are the costs matters to you? Do not worry as RZ Intellectual Sdn Bhd aims for excellent service at minimal costs only. RZ Intellectual Sdn Bhd provides amongst the cheapest and/or affordable rates in Malaysia. Talk to our Consultants today!


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